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We take the "WORK" out of WORKOUT and put "DANCE" in it. Sounds FUN?
Bhangra Workout Classes by Young Bhangra Calgary

You better start Dancing! Yes, because to a new study, presented in American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions, stressed on the importance of dance for fitness. Even if you’re up in years and out of shape, you should be dancing, as it demands a lot of energy output because it involves “movement in all directions,” says Nick Smeeton, a principal lecturer at the University of Brighton and coauthor of that report.

So, after sensing the importance of dance for staying fit, YBC’s WORKOUT Classes offer a carefully crafted set of schedules, through which, you dance, learn bhangra/gidha and stay fit. Since, dancing instills a sense of celebratory mood and joy, people who join our fitness classes tend to stay on path, instead of getting bored from same routines followed in common workout programs. Scroll below to know more.

What do we offer?

We offer four different workout classes, each aimed at different fitness level:

  • BHANGRA ZUMBA CLASS – A general, for everybody class, irrespective of your fitness level.
  • BASIC MENs – For the people who are just starting, Basic workout classes offer a low intensity workout for men exclusively.
  • BASIC WOMENs – So that you can feel comfortable and loose that extra fat. Women’s only classes.
  • YBC INTENSIVE – Intensive dance workout, to pump up the heartbeat and torch fat, for those who crave that lean body.

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Perfect for?

Everybody, yes every single body, and it’s best for the people who get bored by routine normal workouts sessions follow. Here, dance instills a sense of JOY, and you loose those extra calories without evening stressing out! That’s the plus point. Isn’t it?

How it works?

We take the “work” out of workout, and put “Dance” in it, or to be exact, Bhangra in it. We combine low-intensity and high-intensity movements, to help you burn calories. When you dance to those heart pumping killer Punjabi beats, you don’t feel like working out, or is it an exercise in disguise? Come, join Young Bhangra Workout Classes and see for yourself.

What to expect?

Bhangra is a total workout, as it combines all elements of a perfect and effective workout – cardio, muscle training, balance and flexibility. You can loose all those extra calories, torch fat and get the body you always desired. Effectiveness of dance as a medium of exercise is well proven.

How is it in class?

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