Culture Connect

Our carefully crafted, unique programme to help you connect with CULTURE

This programme was designed by keeping a Canadian with PUNJABI HEART in mind, and it offers four different activities/classes. Each class can be taken individually or as package including all four at very attractive price. Scroll below to know more.

Turban tying class by Young Bhangra Calgary

Turban Tying

Learn various types of turbans

We offer classes to learn, traditional as well as present day turbans. You can learn Patiala Shahi, Morni, Amritsar Shahi, Patka, Dumala and Keski.

Punjabi reading and writing class by Young Bhangra Calgary

Punjabi Classes

Learn to read & write Punjabi

We offer classes that help you learn Punjabi Language. Different classes for age groups are provided along with private sessions.

Drama class by Young Bhangra Calgary

Choreography and Drama

Learn to perform on stage

We offer classes for choreography and drama learning. Several competitions and events are also organized, showcasing different dramas. Join our class to master the art.

punjabi literature class by Young Bhangra Calgary

Literature Class

Connect with culture through literature

Our Punjabi literature class is aimed at familiarizing students with popular and traditional punjabi literature, so as to develop their interest in reading Punjabi Books/Magazines. This way they can remain connected with the language.

How much would i PAY?

  • Turban Tying Class

    Four Classes per month

  • Punjabi Learning Class

    Fee for one month

  • Choreography and Drama Class

    Fee per month

  • Literature Class

    Fee per month

  • Culture Connect Package

    Fee for a month, all four classes included (SAVE $90)


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