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Bhangra is a traditional and energetic folk dance of Punjab. Traditionally, bhangra was performed on the beats of Dhol, Algozey, Bugchu, Chimta and other folk musical instruments when celebrating the harvest Festival of Punjab, called Vaisakhi. In the present era, Bhangra has become most popular extra curriculum activity for people of all ages. School, college and university students charmingly learn bhangra and perform in various Bhangra, Gidha competitions and in local events. With advent of more connected world, Bhangra is not only loved by the people of Punjab or India, but also globally, by the people from various cultures and regions. It surpasses the barriers of culture and language.

At, Young Bhangra Club, Calgary (Canada), we offer various classes for learning bhangra. We take teaching bhangra as a passion and help our students master the art of Bhangra. Classes are provided for adults as well as children. For the beginners, special classes are organized to help them get started. Step by step bhangra learning lessons, to master the complex steps of dance are provided by our coaches. You can reserve your spot in Bhangra Learning Class by filling the form on right or by calling us directly, that too FREE OF COST, isn’t it nice?

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